Ventures ATL Operational Model

Ventures ATL is the employer and operates a portfolio of small businesses that fit the job skills and interests of many within the groups we seek to employ.   There are three main selection criteria for our lines of business.

First, we choose businesses for which we anticipate reasonable demand for the products and services we deliver. Second, we select businesses with job skill requirements that line up with the areas of strength of many adults on the autism spectrum (e.g., attention to detail, focus, affinity for repetitive tasks, strong capacity to execute prescribed tasks). Third, we choose businesses and jobs that are likely to produce job satisfaction for our targeted employees.

We recognize that engaging with Ventures ATL may have a certain corporate social responsibility element by providing jobs to an underutilized but capable domestic resource.  However, it is critical that our engagements with customers support their primary business objectives and specific needs.

Our initial portfolio consists of the following businesses:

Data Management Services

One of our businesses involves the provision of data management and related services. Many enterprises wrestle with the threshold entry of data into various applications or data repositories. This issue is particularly acute with respect to raw or unstructured data. This type of work is frequently outsourced to a large number of third party service providers (sometimes to offshore locations). We believe that we can successfully fill a niche by using an underutilized domestic talent pool to provide top-quality service at a competitive price. The data management business represents a very good fit for many adults on the autism spectrum as their ability to focus on information and data in a highly literal way makes them particularly effective in this role. Our initial client engagements may focus on the entry and maintenance of client, donor, or property databases and we expect to expand the range of our data management services.

Product Fulfillment Services

The product fulfillment business will provide the traditional “pick, pack, label, and ship” functions along with some selected customization. This business is being launched with the support of a major consumer products company that will provide some of the initial training and process expertise. In this engagement, we will also store inventory in advance of customer orders.   Ventures ATL intends to apply this process expertise to a wide array of other enterprises that may have similar or analogous product fulfillment requirements for customers, employees or other stakeholder groups.

In general, the value propositions are those which apply to any commercial enterprise–provide a high quality service or product at a competitive price in the time and manner that meets the needs of our customers. A key component of our value proposition is our continued pursuit of excellence in safeguarding the accuracy and security of our clients’ data. We recently earned a certificate of HIPAA compliance for achieving the healthcare industry’s rigorous standards for protecting patient data and information security.

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