Parent Testimonials

“I have seen such a dramatic change in my son since he began his employment with Ventures ATL. By working in this supportive environment, his self confidence and self esteem have greatly improved. He has a sense of pride about the company and is made to feel as if he is truly contributing to their success. My son looks forward to going to work (I don’t even have to wake him – he is out of bed and ready to go!). My son can be a man of few words but when it comes to telling me about what is happening at work (new clients, new products) he cannot control his enthusiasm. It is so gratifying to see my son, whom I knew had potential, be given the chance to blossom. I thank Chet, Sara and Jacob for seeing that these young adults have so much to offer. It has been a life changer for all of us.”
– A proud parent of a Ventures ATL employee