Ventures ATL  is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide opportunities for meaningful and sustainable employment to qualified adults with autism or other developmental disabilities.

Ventures ATL is designed to address an important issue–the fact that many of these adults are suitably skilled to hold jobs for which there may be an apparent shortage of qualified and interested workers.   While these adults may face a number of challenges in the job market (limited “soft skills”, transportation barriers, diminished community support in adulthood), they often have a relatively strong ability to perform the essential functions of many jobs.  The bottom line is that the vast majority of these adults are unemployed (or underemployed) at the same time that there is strong demand for people with the skills that these adults possess. Ventures ATL  bridges this “supply/demand gap” while enabling our employees to derive the personal satisfaction of meaningful employment.

The Ventures ATL model differs from those of other organizations in Atlanta that support the employment goals of such adults.   There are a number of helpful organizations that use a “placement model” through which they provide training, job coaching and/or placement services that may enable a person to secure employment with a third party.  The Ventures ATL approach is not based on a placement model but rather the concept that we employ these adults as we operate a portfolio of businesses that line up with their strengths and interests.   In that respect, we take a fundamentally different approach that is designed to complement the existing efforts in the Atlanta market.

There are two aspects of sustainability that are essential to the operating principles of Ventures ATL.  First, we operate businesses for which there is expected to be substantial and sustainable commercial demand for the services and products we provide.  Second, the businesses we operate will provide jobs that line up with the abilities and interests of the individuals we intend to employ.  This is designed to ensure that our employees will have a strong chance of deriving long-term success and job satisfaction.

The Ventures ATL Board consists of a group of people who are committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities for adults with autism or other developmental disabilities.  This group has been carefully drawn to provide diverse perspectives on the business and operational issues essential to the success of such an enterprise.