Our Employees

Ventures ATL‘s primary objective is to provide opportunities for meaningful and sustainable employment to qualified adults with autism or other developmental disabilities.   Ventures ATL is designed to address an important issue–the fact that many of these adults are suitably skilled to hold jobs for which there may be an apparent shortage of qualified and interested workers.   While these adults may face a number of challenges in the job market, they have a relatively strong ability to perform the essential functions of the jobs provided by Ventures ATL.

For example, our employees bring the following important attributes to the work we perform for our clients:

  • Attention to detail and precision
  • Sustained focus on repetitive tasks
  • Strong powers of concentration
  • Desire to see a task to completion
  • Affinity for technology
  • Appreciation for the opportunity to do meaningful work.

Ventures ATL utilizes several recruitment channels (schools, government agencies, private training organizations, traditional and social media) to attract a wide pool of qualified potential candidates.   We engage in a careful screening and selection process to determine the ability to perform the job tasks as well as the actual interest in and commitment to the jobs.

Employees of Ventures ATL receive training from our managerial staff prior to the time that they begin to work on client engagements.  This training develops and determines readiness to perform the essential job requirements as well as the appropriate client and team assignments.  Our organization is committed to a work environment in which our employees are able to deliver positive and meaningful business results for our clients.