Case Study – Newburger-Andes

“Ventures ATL has done fantastic work for Newburger-Andes and I would recommend them to any company that has a data management or data entry need. The business results they enabled in their initial projects have far exceeded our expectations. Their efficiency and attention to detail have continued to provide great value to our firm while freeing up our internal resources to focus on other matters. It is also a pleasure to work with their management team as they have a strong understanding of how to successfully manage the scope and execution of client engagements. The bottom line is that they deliver high quality work at a very good price.”
– David Andes | Chief Investment Officer | Newburger-Andes & Company

Newburger-Andes is a  commercial real estate firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Ventures ATL was originally approached by Newburger-Andes to assist with a recurring project that was important to the growth of Newburger-Andes’s business, but was taking up a significant amount of time from one of their key resources. Newburger-Andes’s initial goal was to simply outsource the task so that they could free up their resource to work on other strategic initiatives.

Project Scope and Execution
The project’s purpose was to aggregate relevant business contacts from a software database. The task was intricate and involved performing detailed search queries to isolate desired contacts. The software database was constructed in a way that prevented a simple export of these queries’ results. Therefore a high level of concentration and organization was required to efficiently and accurately pull the resulting data in segments and enter it into an alternative and structured format that was useable for Newburger-Andes.

Ventures ATL began the project with our management team working with Newburger-Andes to develop a detailed instructional document. It was important to account for each step, to identify and clarify potential points of confusion, and to develop a foundational understanding of the project. Next, our employees went through the instructional document, familiarizing themselves with specific terms, key actions, and the overall direction of the project.

Ventures ATL completed the project and delivered a high-quality finished product. Newburger-Andes’s initial goal was met in that their key resource who had been working on this project had an additional two months of bandwidth. Significantly, Ventures ATL produced an unexpected outcome. During the course of the project, Ventures ATL’s employees utilized a new method to perform the search queries that uncovered thousands of additional business contacts. This discovery more than doubled the number of business leads that Newburger-Andes could connect with and has led to new partnerships and new revenue that have made a strong impact on Newburger-Andes’s business. Chief Investment Officer  David Andes listed working with Ventures ATL as one of the top 5 most impactful things that happened to the company during that year.